Optimize your potential

Optimize your Potential Benefit from your personal successOptimize your Potential Benefit from your personal successOptimize your Potential Benefit from your personal successOptimize your Potential Benefit from your personal success



Ghaile Windeck M.A.

30 years of Professional Coaching across the US and Germany.

Link your Skill set to Success Factors

Coaching delivers the challenge while YOU make a difference.

Does an Olympic athlete want to win the gold medal? Do YOU want to be the most effective leader in your company?  Do YOU want to live free of your doubts and ignite your potential?

July, 2018    Mr. R.W. Executive Coach, Vancouver, WA.

"During my professional coaching engagement with Ghaile, I felt both honored and respected in the way she approached both my challenges and opportunities. It is clear that her heart is truly in "transformative work." She is an absolutely incredible listener, very "present", extremely well prepared, and through her focus and experience is able to offer powerful insight. Her strength is in her ability to hear, clarify, navigate, and help the client achieve optimal outcomes as they define them. Ghaile is an effective balance of patience and understanding, yet can be appropriately direct as is necessary to bypass excuses, distractions, and cut through "the noise". 

Importantly, Ghaile is a rarity.....just a wonderful human being and it is been MY pleasure to know and work with her."


Business success leads from the past to the future

●Trusted ● Confidential ● Experienced

Trusted:  Working one-to-one in integrity to produce results crucial to the outcome of project requirements, imperative leadership and personal strategy requires precise coaching to fulfill a defined goal.

Confidential: Private client privilege is essential to assess personal experience, build confidence and empower innate talents and skills. The result is more freedom to do your best.

Experienced: Accomplished levels of success are defined through experience, witnessing others in this achievement is a privilege. Hearing; “I never thought I was capable of doing more than I could and feeling a new level of focus is life changing".

Every client relationship begins with identifying who you are with who you thought you were and systematically redefines your full potential. This level of Coaching is challenging, realistic and works. 

Personal Philosophy


I believe looking at our life with a clear intention is an opportunity to discover more about ourselves. We are more capable than we think we are when we allow/trust someone else to coach us to BE this person we do what it takes to be a world-class talent.  

 I am always impressed with the inner strength of my clients, in time; they realize they are capable of leaving behind what doesn’t work with what does. “Personal Performance Coaching” defines new growth and eliminates repeated mistakes.

I coach incredible champions!

Successful Executives, Managers know where they are headed

Increase your ability to...


●  Strengthen self-confidence 

●  Accentuate leadership skills

●  Communicate to be heard

●  Redirect the power of your mind

●  Increase efficiency by 75%

●  Release your potential energy


Learn how to optimize your potential without doubts or denial, become more confident and resilient. Actualize your authentic self who is eager to grow. You will be excited and not surprised with how you can become your own success story.

In addition; when we improve the brains ability to attend, re-organize, process, prioritize, and improve memory, the chances for a lack of inspiration and loss of ability to produce new work can be reduced or eliminated. 

Skype or One 2 One in your area.

Reach your goals by building new potential through professional coaching

Professional Coaching - Rebuilding What Works

Face yourself - benefit from your personal success, re-educate your capabilities! 

Over the last several decades governments, corporations, and everyday people have realized the power of professional coaching. According to a study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers: 

● 70% of respondents saw improved work performance after working with a coach

● 80% stated they had improved self-confidence


● 86% of the companies surveyed stated they made their investment (in coaching) back


● 96% of all companies or individuals that hired a coach would do it again!