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I have a proven track record of successful Coaching in various areas of business development for executive management in 50 companies among the Fortune 500. Personal Coaching Individuals to: 

● Implement and evaluate strategic program management within various departments in  large organizations. 

● Mindfulness,  plus career coaching with real results.

● Self designed strategies for new performance goals.

All employees from entry-level to CEO receive a unique plan for personal excellence using Life-Long Learning principles which change throughout our lives.

Service available via Skype or one to one in Portland - Vancouver metro area

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Payment Options

Various contracts are available for one, and up to ten individuals per Company.

Hourly fees remain fixed with an on-going retainer agreement. This work-for-hire agreement is a pre-negotiated rate depending on variable circumstances related to Professional Coaching criteria.

Private individual contracts are also available.

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Speaking – Talks are presented to make the audience think differently about themselves, challenge their potential and bring their talents and skills to the highest level of competency. 

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What clients have to say

Due to Confidentiality agreements, all client and company names are privacy protected.


(Fortune 500 company) Director, “Ms. Windeck met me at my level and knew what I needed. After 10 sessions my progress helped me to acquire realistic expectations. I applied my new awareness and after 6 months I advanced to a higher position and received recognition for my new skill level, I never thought this was possible.”

(International IT Company) SA, “After 4 years of one-to-one coaching I learned the art of keeping balance and being present with what I do best. I have been coached to resolve my problems realistically. Now I count on my wisdom and sense of personal freedom. I have accomplished my career goals with great satisfaction.”

(Fortune 500 company) Director, “It is clear to me that "YOU" personally contributed to my life development capabilities and helped me move through my doubts and fears to a new awareness in the current stage of my life.”

(International HealthCare) VP, “Sometimes we have to face reality head on, which meant I had to come back to my home self.” “My work requirements doubled and I couldn’t handle it. Many times I looked in the mirror trying to understand "my changes", then I began my coaching sessions with you, I realized I was in charge and I had forgotten how well I can be myself and direct my leadership...Boy were you on point!”

Student Scientist, “With your coaching I was able to find my direction of study for future work. You also helped me keep my dreams alive while I achieved my Masters in Bio Ethics.” 

(International Healthcare) CEO, “I’m very grateful for having met you, with your special mindfulness and coaching ability I am able to retire with a deeper personal perspective and pass on my legacy to our next CEO.”

(International e-commerce) Director, “Ghaile has positive charisma and valuable experience. My work with her is a win for me and for all of my colleagues I work with; I not only evolved in my communication skills I learned to collect life experience in business that I never imagined.”

(Social Services) CEO, “Her expertise in understanding my field has helped me strengthen my self-confidence in speaking and writing within a multi-cultural communication team of Social Workers. We are in a demanding time and she has coached me to a new level of personal success.”

(Fortune 500 Company) Scientist, “After several months of Coaching I was able to realize my skill and self-confidence I had not yet acknowledged. I found a new direction of work that will keep my future dreams alive while I advance in my career.